Teapot with cane handle

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Modern Teapots For Sale

Welcome! We're very excited to welcome you to our funky teapots for sale.

Teapot for 2 with cane handle - for those Chinese Zen lovers!

Kim's work is unique, but if fits beautifully with the modern aesthetic. Top restaurants recognise this, which is why they've been commissioning his work.

If you're looking to improve your own skills as a potter, then you should consider coming to one of Kim's workshops. As well as having over 40 years of experience as an artisan, he has nearly as much experience as a teacher.

And an added bonus of coming to Kim's workshops is that you get to spend time in a gorgeous part of Hawke's Bay, near the Tuki Tuki river, where Kim currently lives and works. We have a fantastic Airbnb available on site if you need it.

Thanks again for visiting Kim's site and admiring his work. If you're looking for a teapot to buy online, then you've stumbled across a fantastic collection. Everything that you see is made to order, and available in black ash, blue ash, glossy green and honey / mottled cream.

All Kim's work is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

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