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Modern Teapots

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Round Teapot
Unique Ceramic Teapot If you frequent New Zealand's best galleries you may have already seen work by Kim.  His work is also being used by top restaurants in unique ways, for example as light-shades, as well as plates and bowls. With 40 years experience Kim is one of New Zealand's leading artisans working...
Straight teapot
Clay Teapots If you want to look at more clay teapots for sale, take a look at the rest of the teapots here. The majority of Kim's teapots are for 2 people. If you're after a larger teapot please take a look at this product listing. And if you want to...
Teapot with cane handle
  Modern Teapots For Sale Welcome! We're very excited to welcome you to our funky teapots for sale. Teapot for 2 with cane handle - for those Chinese Zen lovers! Kim's work is unique, but if fits beautifully with the modern aesthetic. Top restaurants recognise this, which is why they've...
Large teapot for 4
Large Teapot for 4 This is the largest teapot in Kim's collection. Like the rest of his work, this particular item is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. It's simple to create a tea set out of this pot. Simply add it to cart, then head over to the mugs section of...
Funky teapot with sunken lid
All Kim's work is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Please get in touch with your requirements For glaze options on this product please email us. 027 6032988  
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