All pottery is oven, microwave and dishwasher proof.

Pottery is a precision business requiring skill and craftsmanship that can only be acquired with time and practice.

Throwing and shaping the clay is clearly about design, art and even engineering to ensure each form is viable and can withstand the intense heat in the belly of the kiln. There's also an element of science and chemistry in knowing how different glazes and colour mixes will react with the clay and the heat.

While there's always an element of trial and error and the possibility that something entirely unexpected will happen, Kim Morgan has to be able to fine tune his processes so successful runs can be repeated with the same result.

His domestic mugs, jugs, bowls and plates are high fired at 1300 degrees Celsius and are microwave, dishwasher and ovenproof.

Some days Kim is a manufacturer engaged in a production routine, others he's an artist at the wheel drawing from his one creative reservoir with an exhibition or restaurant in mind. Regardless the plan is to keep innovation. "I'm continually experimenting with approaches that might take me off in new directions. I've always got little tests going on in the background even when I'm in production. I'm trying different techniques and glazes and often revisit what I've done previously to see how I can develop it."

Balancing form and function

Massaging a lump of clay might not seem a very glamorous way to make a living but Kim Morgan continues to be inspired by the possibilities as each formless mass takes new shape on the spinning wheel beneath his expert fingers.

While much of his pottery is utilitarian, designed to go straight from the oven to the table and is safe to use in both the microwave and the dishwasher, a number of his more aesthetic creations are purely ornamental or suited for exhibition.

Clearly both form and function have helped established Kim Morgan as a world class artisan and Master Potter.

Lifestyle kitchenware "Complementing the Chef"

New Zealand potter Kim Morgan loves presenting and eating food from kitchenware fired in his own kiln believing it enhances the overall dining experience.

Kim was impressed when he and his wife were dining out with friends in Denmark and the food was served on handcrafted bowls and plates rather than the big white plates typically used at restaurants.

"It was a good location, great company; we were drinking some superb wine, and fantastic food which came out in hand-made bowls that were so individual like little works of art. That nailed it for me. Everything came together for those two hours."

Kim Morgan thinks it makes a real difference when food is delivered on handcrafted pottery plates. He gets pleasure choosing which cup he'll drink from today or which bowl he'll serve food in. His hope is that you will also appreciate the useful and attractive kitchenware he crafts to enhance your lifestyle experience.

Kim says he and his family came to Hawke's Bay to enjoy "good friends, wine, food and weather" and likes to think he literally brings something distinctive to the table to complement people's lifestyle choices with his handcrafted pottery plates, bowls and mugs.