Catch up!!

Posted by Debbie Morgan on

What a year 2023 was!

Everything was on track and I had the year planned out workwise, and I had a holiday in the mix.  Came back refreshed and ready to get into it.  2 weeks in and I went and broke my arm!!  Headed into surgery, 8 weeks recovery and a slow start back throwing clay - missed up those plans!!

6 months later and my arm is fine and thankfully no long term damage!

I have been making a lot of stone coloured ware and have been mixing up the clay (white, speckled and dark clay) which makes for a variety of shades and colours.

Photographing pots is an art itself and I have found it hard getting good photos, really colourful work is much easier to photograph. I have had a lot of fun mixing it up and trying every glaze, so unloading the kiln is a surprise every time.

The workshop is open, you just need to text, phone or email me to see if I am around.  All welcome for a new mug or a dinner set.....

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